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Meet our designer

what we offer

Theme based interior kit .
. Complete customized interior .

interior kit

Theme based interior kit for your home

Know us

A team lead by experienced architects running a successful architectural company came up with this unique idea of interior KIT which solves many un-addressed issue like time, budget, transparency,flexibility, design uniqueness etc.
Interior theme kit –
We are one stop destination to your theme based interior. All the themes are unique; designed & manufactured under our designers guidance & supervision, which gives design uniqueness & quality assurance.  Just select from multiple themes for a hassle free experience and get everything installed in one go.
Customized kit/full interior -
Our team of designers are constantly coming up with new theme kits. Options for customized theme kit/ specific theme of your choice is also available. We provide full home interior services as well.

. Interior kit .

how it works

1. Choose from  theme collections
2. Get the appointment to experience in VR
3. lets shop

. Customized design .

1. Meet the designer
2. Co-create design
3. Review & order
4. Delivery & installations
4. Delivery & installations

why us

1. No time for lengthy execution process ?
  • Unique concept of theme based interior kit installed within 8 hours. 

2. No breakage or major wet work required.
  • Rented apartment,

breakage, major renovation not allowed, our kit works well for you.

3. Affordable budget
  • Three  category economical, moderate, premium.

  • No other expenses like hiring man power, time length, breakage etc. 

4. Movable interior
  • Transferable job,

worried of investing in rented apartment. carry your interior along.

5. Unique themes options
  • Huge collection of theme.

6. Easy EMIs options

  • Easy EMIs options gives more flexibility.

7. Customized theme interior
  • Customization is available to any extent


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